How NW-ARM can help:

The NW-ARM has a variety of resource materials of interest to parents, schools and other community members who are concerned about the influence of television and other media on our children. Our resource materials are for those who are seeking to become media-wise and are available to all the organization’s members. Also, the NW-ARM is reviving its Speaker’s Bureau to help groups that want to hold a program on media literacy.

Take advantage of our resources!

  • Training in all aspects of media literacy
  • Resources that can be borrowed for use by your organization or group
  • Events to raise public awareness about media issues and the impact on our culture
  • Funding opportunities
  • Speaker’s Bureau
  • Curricula for media literacy projects for all grade levels
  • Presentations throughout the year the impact of media

Contact us and we’ll help you arrange a program for your school, organization–or anyone interested in media literacy.

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