Media Library

For directions on how to check out material, please see the contact form below. 


DVD # of Copies Checked In # of Copies Checked out
Beauty Backlash   1
Beyond Good and Evil 1  
Beyond the Frame: Alternative Perspectives on the War on Terrorism 1  
Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs 1  
Bill Moyers: Journalism and Democracy (2 Copies)  2  
Constructing Public Opinion: How Politicians and the Media… 1  
Codes of Gender    1
Dream Worlds 3: Desire, Sex, and Power in Music Video   1
Game over: Gender, race, and violence in video games 1  
Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture  1  
Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire 1  
Images of Youth 2006: New directions in Media Literacy and Teen Health  
Media Literacy for health (K-12 Activity Curriculum 1
No Logo 1  
Reversing Addiction in our Compulsive Culture  1  
Teens, Tobacco, and Media  1  
The Killing Screens   1
Tough Guise  1  
Understanding Media  1  
War & Peace Trilogy- Independent Media in a Time of War, Voices against War: F15  1  
NYC; and Womens’ Fast for Peace   1


VHS Checked In Checked Out
Advertising and the end of the world 1
Behind the Screens 1
Buy Me That 1 & 3 1 each (1&3)
Buy Me That Too: Kid’s Survival Guide to TV Advertising 1
Fast Food for Thought 1
Game Over: Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games 1
Just Do Me Literacy 1
Media Literacy for Health 1
Mind over Media 1
Money for Nothing: Behind the Business of Pop Music 1
Pack of Lies: Advertising of Tobacco 1
Scanning Televisions, VHS 1-4 1 each(All 4)
Take Back Your Time 2
Take Charge of Your TV 1
Teen Sexuality in a Culture of Confusion 1
Teens, Tobacco, and Media 1
Tools to Use to Help You Choose 1
TV Smarts for Kids 1
Violent Kids, Can We Change the Trend? 1
Who’s in Your Brain 1


CD’s # of Copies Checked In # of Copies Checked Out
Medios y remedies 1
You Think: Music for Positve Change 1


To request material on this list, please fill out the contact form and we will send a confirmation email when your material is ready to be picked up. 


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