Filmstock rules and regulations

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Filmstock is  a film festival for high school students with prizes and parameters designed to challenge budding young filmmakers. Submissions were in the categories of short non-fiction, long non-fiction, short fiction, and long fiction, with juried prizes also given.  Submissions were judged on three main criteria: creativity, production quality, and post-production by a panel of judges from the academic and entertainment fields.


Short Fiction

Camille Miller – 1st Place

Journey Fitzpatrick – 2nd Place

Sean Edminster – 3rd Place

Maximilian Dirscherl – Juried Prize


Short Non-Fiction

Aneka Meyersberg – 1st Place

Sofia Ramos – 2nd Place

Ethan Curtis & Chloe Sestero – 3rd Place

Nathan Stearns – Juried Prize


Long Non-Fiction

Mark Boston – 1st Place

Zachery Kotlarz – 2nd Place


Some of the winning submissions:


2016 Video Contest

2016 Break the Media Entry Form

FREE Media Breaker Software 

Questions? frequently-asked-questions


Break the Media 2016

For three years running, NW-ARM has held a video contest for youth (ages of 13-18) who have something to say and need a bigger megaphone. In previous years, winning videos have focused on cyberbullying themes. This year, the contest was about breaking the media – an opportunity for students to question a media message, gain understanding of the production of media messages through editing, and create their own media messages right back.


Journey Fitzpatrick for “Cymbalta Media Breaker”



2015 Video Contest

2014 Video Contest

2014 Outreach Projects

 2013 Video Contest

Other Outreach Projects


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