Don’t Just Change the Channel: Why Pop Culture Matters to Feminism, Activism, and Social Justice

Don’t miss this event, co-sponsored by Whitworth University and Gonzaga University COML program, and the Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media!

March 31 at 6 PM, Robinson Teaching Theater, Whitworth University.

Upcoming Events: Don't Just Change the Channel

Upcoming Events: Don’t Just Change the Channel

Talk: Don’t Just Change the Channel: Why Pop Culture Matters to Feminism,Activism, and Social Justice A stock response to complaints about offensive and demeaning representation of women and others in popular media is often, “Well, just change the channel! You don’t have to watch that show/read that book/see that movie.” This presentation explicates why that line of thinking ignores the reality of how media and pop culture permeate every aspect of our lives, and offers an overview of media and pop culture as a locus of feminist activism.Pop culture has long been central to feminist activism, and this presentation looks at this phenomenon with an eye to both history and the present day, noting the ways in which representation, or the lack thereof, has been a key catalyst of feminist action. From the Miss America protest of 1968 to the Saturday Night Live pushback of today, we’ll look at how foregrounding a feminist perspective in media and pop culture makes that culture better, richer, and more representative of the world in which we live.

Workshop: Talking Back 101: A workshop on identifying bias, bad framing, and sexism in media and pop culture, and responding strategically. The Talking Back 101 workshop includes a presentation and slideshow on the power of media response; it includes examples of success stories in which individuals and groups have taken on harmful or offensive ad campaigns and media messages, as well as a number of tips on effective messaging.

The workshop then opens up to audience participation, asking audience members for examples of things that people want to respond to and then collaboratively crafting a plan for making that happen. The workshop is
fun and informative, and is designed to make audience members realized that they, as individual media fans and consumers, have the power to make change in media and popular culture‹whether or not they have previously
identified as activists. – from the words of Nichole Bogarosh Ph.D. Women and Gender Studies, Communication Studies, & School of Continuing Studies Whitworth University.

Media Fest!

We are excited to announce our very first Media Fest! This event, happening on April 1, 2015, gathers local high school students to learn about the various careers available to those interested in the journalism field. View the flyer below and look for more information to come!

MediaFest Flyer

Media Alert: Charlie Hebdo, The Pen Mightier Than the Sword.

As news has comprehensively covered, the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, France recently published a satirical cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. The cartoon depicts the prophet, saying “100 lashes of the whip if you don’t die laughing” and was highly offensive to many.

These offended feelings led to the heinous actions that left 12 dead, reportedly to avenge the prophet.

An uproar has since ensued over the matters of freedom of speech, whether offensive or not, and the conversation of tolerance freedom of speech must be met with.

Since the attack in Paris, multiple satire cartoonists have responded with their own cartoons, mourning a gross attack on said freedom of speech.

Ruben L. Oppenheimer

Ruben L. Oppenheimer

Satish Acharya

Satish Acharya

MacLeod Cartoons

MacLeod Cartoons

As a media literacy group, the happenings at Charlie Hebdo are extremely important for us to talk about. It reminds us of the power of journalism and the great responsibility that comes with, sometimes deadly.

As many media outlets have reported, the old adage is true, the pen is mightier than the sword, but at what cost? There are indeed limitations to our freedom of speech, but the consequences for crossing the line this cartoon crossed, should be decided by the law, not acts of terrorism.

To access articles on the topic please visit:

We’re Partnering with GU’s Department of Women and Gender Studies for a Screening of “Wonder Women”!

Don’t miss this opportunity to view and discuss this amazing documentary film, exploring the concept of super women, from the creation of the superhero in 1940 to what we consider super heroes today.

ww poster copy

The film will be shown at Jepson 017 on Gonzaga’s campus from 7 to 9 PM, Wednesday, November 5th.